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Stockport Town Centre

Stockport is one of Greater Manchester’s most successful town centres both in terms of size and performance. It is identified as one of Greater Manchester’s most desirable retail centres, drawing demand from a higher than average cross section of occupiers and a more upscale offer than average. The town centre is also more than a great shopping destination; it has a rich and distinctive history and character with strong transport links and a wide range of wonderful attractions.

Stockport Town Centre Business & Retail Forum is committed to the long term success of the town centre. It collaborates with Stockport Council and a very wide range of groups, bodies, sectors and individuals sectors to make the town centre attractive to investors, visitors, shoppers and a great place to live, work and enjoy.

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Stockport at a glance

  • Over 500 shops & services
  • Over 330 independent shops & businesses
  • A wide range of major high street stores and retailers including BHS, Marks & Spencer, Primark, Debenhams, Boots, River Island, HMV, Deichmann, McDonald's & Argos
  • A wide range of award winning visitor attractions including Hat Works, the Air Raid Shelters and Stockport Story
  • The fascinating and charming historic Underbanks area
  • Stockport Market

Whether you come by car, bus, train, cycle or on foot, Stockport is the place to come to; for shopping, for relaxing and enjoying a good meal or drink or visiting one of the many attractions